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Mens Clothing Accessories

With more and more men taking pride in their appearance these days it is nice to see guys looking sharper than ever before.

However I don’t know whether its media or celebrity influence but so many men seem to over do it with their mens clothing accessories and ruin a perfectly good outfit simply because they haven’t really given consideration to whether they have over done it with the jewellery or not.

I know there are some cultures where lots of gold and bling mens clothing accessories are acceptable and even coveted but in the larger community it can be a case of having too much of a good thing.

I think that wearing jewellery as mens clothing accessories is fine providing you keep it simple and don’t wear too many rings all at once or lots of earrings. Other than a wedding ring the most popular of mens jewellery is of course a watch and many guys will see this as an essential item as opposed to an accessory.

However it is important that you wear an appropriate watch for the outfit you are wearing as some styles will look completely out of place. Unless you are a hip hop star then I would really suggest that you don’t leave the house to go to work or a trip into town with a heavy gold chain around your neck as people might just think you are in fancy dress as a character from the A Team!